Saturday, May 2, 2009

The U.S. has 3 Million Job Openings, but...

I just got my copy of BusinessWeek. The front cover says, "The U.S. has 3 million job openings." It sure caught my eye. I quickly flipped to page 40 and started reading. The article starts with "... with 13 million people unemployed..."

So, even if there are 3 million jobs, there are 13 million unemployed. This still puts us in a horrible situation. However, if you work in healthcare, then you should be glad that your category (along with education) is at the top of the list with 625 thousand jobs (3.2% rate of job openings). I've been meeting financial analysts and consultants who've chosen to pursue medical school or pharmacy school so that they can have more stability for the long-term future. Is that insane, or are they being wise? At the end of the day, it boils down to a number of personal decisions that impact family, career, and one's future.

I'll be honest: this is probably not the best time to be transitioning from a clinical career to a non-clinical career (unless you stay within healthcare and work in medical management or healthcare administration). Let me make one other exception: if you pursue a career in health information technology (IT), then you have some real opportunities ahead.


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