Friday, September 28, 2012

Health IT Education and Career Opportunities

NeHC will continue the very popular Careers in Health IT series with a spotlight on higher education paths and the careers that result from such programs. This webinar will feature health IT workforce development leaders to discuss emerging career opportunities in health IT and describe various health IT academic programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Speakers will give an overview of the programs in their individual areas while discussing the impact of these programs on a national level. Panelists will highlight specific professional opportunities that these educational paths will prepare graduates for when they join the workforce.

Health IT Education and Career Opportunities
October 1, 2012 1:00-2:30 PM ET

  • Dr. Charles Friedman - Director, Health Informatics Program, Schools of Information and Public Health, University of Michigan
  • Dr. Leanne Field - Director, Public Health, Medical Laboratory Science and Health Information Technology Programs, University of Texas at Austin
  • Sid Voorakkara - Former Program Leader, The California Endowment

Registration required

Fee: $15

NeHC is a non-profit organization. All revenues generated are directly reinvested into NeHC University programming. All speakers are volunteers.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

BioCapital Career Fair (Bethesda, MD)

BioCapital Career Fair
Tuesday, October 9, 2012
11 am to 4 pm
Bethesda North Marriott & Conference Center
Bethesda, MD

BioSpace Life Science Career Fairs are the biotech industry’s premier career events. Featuring well-respected employers from around the nation, our job fairs attract top candidates in the biotech, pharmaceutical, life science and medical device industries.

You can find more information about this career fair here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The value of a website (infographic)

Are you thinking about building a website for your practice or your business? How should you choose a domain name? What is the value of your website? Here's an infographic that may help you think through some of those decisions.

Give back and mentor someone

If you look around, you'll find plenty of formal and informal opportunities to mentor someone. Chances are, your professional membership society has a formal mentoring program. Or, you can find an opportunity through MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR).

Many academic programs also offer mentoring programs. For example, I'm a mentor through the University of Maryland University College Biotechnology Professional Mentoring System. I've also participated as a mentor through programs offered by the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

The American College of Physician Executives offers a CME course titled, "Coaching & Mentoring Physicians to Higher Performance." And, the American College of Healthcare Executives has a Leadership Mentoring Network Manual that you can get online (PDF).

Consider the benefits associated with giving back and join a mentoring program this fall. You'll meet some interesting people and you'll be helping someone else in a meaningful way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur: A Guide for Doctors (ACPE)

From ACPE:

Becoming an entrepreneur is about changing a mindset, not having a big idea.

“Ninety percent of the people who try to start a new business do it because they have a great idea,” said Thomas O’Malia, who is teaching Entrepreneurial Thinking at ACPE’s 2012 Fall Institute. “But they’re the only ones who think it’s a great idea. They hold onto it for the bragging rights and talk about it at the bar. But that’s not what’s involved.”

As an instructor and a self-described “recovering entrepreneur,” O’Malia enjoys helping physicians embrace their entrepreneurial sides. But that means letting go of some preconceived ideas and being open to change.

The first lesson: The key to success is not having a big idea, it’s about finding something that causes pain or annoyance and coming up with a means for correcting it.

“If I identify a pain and I fix it, I will have people loving me for life,” O’Malia said.

To illustrate, O’Malia enjoys telling his students the story of Frederick W. Smith, a student at Yale University. Before his exams, Smith’s mother in San Francisco sent him a care package filled with all of his favorite things: cookies, T-shirts and lots of fresh fruit. But by the time it reached Smith, the fruit had spoiled and ruined the rest of the package

Monday, September 24, 2012

Medical director jobs in pharmaceutical companies

Interested in a job in pharma? There are many medical director, VP of medical affairs, and to some extent even chief medical officer jobs out there that you can find. You can find these jobs listings by searching here. You'll find jobs posted by small to big pharma and biotech companies.

Find a variety of non-clinical jobs on our Job Board.

Get involved with your local ACHE chapter

This fall, get involved with your local ACHE chapter. It's a great way to expand your network and meet leaders working in various health care settings. In my area, the chapter is titled the "Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley."

You can find more information about local ACHE chapters here.

Your ACHE chapter provides educational programs, local information, and volunteering and networking opportunities to help you develop crucial leadership skills and stand out in this dynamic healthcare environment. Chapters also provide senior-level executives and other established leaders opportunities to give back to the profession. You'll also have access to local education programs that qualify for ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits.

The American College of Healthcare Executives is an international professional society of more than 40,000 healthcare executives who lead hospitals, healthcare systems and other healthcare organizations. ACHE offers its prestigious FACHE credential, signifying board certification in healthcare management.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What do you know about email marketing? (infographic)

If you're looking for a way to market your practice or you plan to start a new business, it's critical to leverage email marketing effectively. What do you know about email marketing? Here is an interesting in infographic that may uncover some things that you didn't realize.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Job Post: Physician Consultants (McKesson activation)

Job Post: Physician Consultants (McKesson activation)
MD’s needed - Go-Live Consulting Engagement, 2-3 week engagement - Florida

One of Blue Horseshoe’s hospital clients located in Florida has a need for multiple physician consultants to support a roll-out of McKesson Horizon Expert Orders and Medical Records applications planned for late February 2013.

The physician activation team will provide 24/7 support to the client hospital physicians and staff, assisting and training them in mandatory CPOE policies. The majority of the physician activation team members will be needed for the first 2-3 weeks (includes orientation) working 12 hours on, 12 off. Some physicians supporting this activation will be needed for 4 weeks.

All candidates must be physicians. Qualifications:

  • Ideal Candidate - MD who has supported multiple McKesson activations
  • Acceptable Candidate - MD who has not supported a McKesson activation but has supported multiple activations for multiple healthcare software systems (some combination of Cerner, Siemens, Epic, etc.)
  • Possible Candidate - MD who has supported one or more non-McKesson activations which resulted in hands-on support of one healthcare software system (only Cerner, only Siemens, only Epic, etc.)

The consultants will be contracted through Blue Horseshoe Network - hourly W2 and 1099 arrangements supported. All travel expenses reimbursed. Professional fees and expenses paid weekly on Net 15 day terms.

Please respond to Steve Post below if you have an interest in discussing this engagement or if you may know of someone who may have an interest.

Steve Pope - Recruiting Manager
Blue Horseshoe Network
Phone: 734-368-6390

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


If you have a passion for medical devices, you won't want to miss:

A Medical Main Street Conference
October 3-5, 2012
Rochester, MI

Announcing the Midwest conference that medical device makers don’t want to miss - a showcase of life science and healthcare industries in Southeast Michigan.

Gather with 350+ international medical device companies, Michigan medical device suppliers, hospital and group purchasing decision makers, and the Medical Main Street network.

Hear industry experts discuss the healthcare challenges that will require new and improved medical devices.

More information here.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

gBench: The Most Powerful Healthcare IT Consultant Job Network

Are you looking for health IT consulting opportunities? Well, gBench is claiming to be "The Most Powerful Healthcare IT Consultant Job Network." Maybe you should join. Here's some more information about gBench:

Join a network where more than 400 employers and 1800 consultants are connecting to explore the best opportunities in the market.

It takes only a few minutes to build a FREE specialized profile that will allow you to publish your skills, contract preferences, and availability, with comprehensive options specific to the HIT recruitment process. With simple updates to your profile, you can immediately inform the most inclusive list of HIT employers about your change.

No more scheduling conflicts or missed connections; gBench ensures that you are in a position to hear about every relevant opportunity in the marketplace.

Learn more about gBench here.

10 ways to use your business degree (infographic)

Via: DeVry University

Friday, September 14, 2012

National Association of Physician Advisors

What is a Physician Advisor? Depending on who you ask, you'll get a variety of responses. After all, it's a vague term, isn't it?

The role of the physician advisor is evolving today. The physician advisor is not just participating in utilization review or a coding expert. They're not just concerned about RAC audits or being an appeals expert for denied Medicare claims.

You may want to know about this group called the National Association of Physician Advisors. The National Association of Physician Advisors was created in 2009 based on the need that physician advisors needed a central way to network and community.

World Congress is also planning the 10th Annual Physician Advisor Summit March 21-23 in Orlando, FL. The 2013 conference will focus on:
  • How to start a physician advisor program in your hospital
  • Newest updates on coding, documentation and reimbursement to keep you on top of new regulations
  • Review various types of physician advisor jobs and see how that compares with your hospital
  • What new and exciting responsibilities can physician advisors get involved in to help benefit the hospital
  • How can physician advisors work closer with observation unit leadership
You can learn more about the National Association of Physician Advisors here. Plus, information about the 10th Annual Physician Advisor Summit can be found here.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Register for the ACPE Fall Institute in AZ

I hope to see you at the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) Fall Institute in Scottsdale, AZ.

Get the best in physician leadership education at this unique gathering. You'll find first-rate CME courses taught by award-winning faculty — specifically designed to expand your knowledge and improve your career. The ACPE Fall Institute is one of the best opportunities to connect with physician executives wordwide.

ACPE Fall Institute
November 2-6, 2012
The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, AZ

More information can be found here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

BioEntrepreneur‐In‐Residence (B‐EIR)

The Center for Biotechnology (CFB) is seeking one or more highly‐motivated and experienced BioEntrepreneur(s)‐In‐Residence (B‐EIR) to launch new bioscience ventures in the Long Island region based upon commercially promising biomedical technologies emerging from Stony Brook University. 

The B‐EIR(s) will be responsible for the identification and evaluation of intellectual property available for license from a pre‐screened pool of start‐up opportunities. The B‐EIR will engage directly with inventors and CFB senior staff members to determine and outline critical technical milestones to add‐value and mitigate the risk of early stage technology commercialization.  The B‐EIR will ultimately select specific biomedical technologies to form the basis of one or more new companies, and will be required to develop detailed commercialization strategies, business plans and investor presentations.  The B‐EIR will also (a) negotiate and execute option and/or license agreements with the Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations (OTLIR) as may be appropriate, (b) seek and secure capital from both public and private sources, and (c) exit from the B‐EIR program to lead the start‐up company which must be located in the Long Island region.

More information about this interesting opportunity can be found here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The VA is hiring Disability Examination Providers

The VA Locum Tenens Program seeks physicians and psychologists to perform disability examinations for general medicine and mental health conditions. Physicians will provide compensation and pension examinations for Veterans who file for disability claims. This position requires extensive travel around the country. Compensation package includes salary and full travel. Send your CV to or contact 1-866-664-1030.

Making the Leap: A Non-Academic Career Planning & Job Search Boot Camp

The New York Academy of Sciences is presenting a "boot camp" this winter for scientists and other professionals interested in non-academic careers.

Making the Leap: A Non-Academic Career Planning & Job Search Boot Camp

November 30 - December 1, 2012
The New York Academy of Sciences

Presented by Science Alliance

Here's a brief description:

Join us for Science Alliance's highly anticipated 2-day career boot camp! Making the Leap is designed to help demystify the nonacademic job search process and teach young scientists how to explore different career paths, determine which ones are a good fit, and successfully prepare and apply for potential jobs. This event is targeted to students and postdocs in the sciences planning to enter the job market within the next year; other scientific career changers are also welcome to attend.

The program will feature the following workshops:

  • Career Planning and Self-Assessments
  • Planning for Success
  • PhD Workforce Outlook Panel
  • Talking Your Way into a Great Job
  • The Scientist's Conundrum: CV, Resume or Something In-Between?
  • Jumping Off the Ivory Tower: Preparing for Interviews Outside Academe
  • Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers: Demystifying the Process
Learn more about this event here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

BioSpace Career Fair in NJ on Sept 13

Don't miss the BioSpace Pharm Country Career Fair
Bridgewater Marriott
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Thursday, September 13, 2012
11am to 4pm

More information can be found here.
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