Thursday, September 6, 2012

BioEntrepreneur‐In‐Residence (B‐EIR)

The Center for Biotechnology (CFB) is seeking one or more highly‐motivated and experienced BioEntrepreneur(s)‐In‐Residence (B‐EIR) to launch new bioscience ventures in the Long Island region based upon commercially promising biomedical technologies emerging from Stony Brook University. 

The B‐EIR(s) will be responsible for the identification and evaluation of intellectual property available for license from a pre‐screened pool of start‐up opportunities. The B‐EIR will engage directly with inventors and CFB senior staff members to determine and outline critical technical milestones to add‐value and mitigate the risk of early stage technology commercialization.  The B‐EIR will ultimately select specific biomedical technologies to form the basis of one or more new companies, and will be required to develop detailed commercialization strategies, business plans and investor presentations.  The B‐EIR will also (a) negotiate and execute option and/or license agreements with the Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations (OTLIR) as may be appropriate, (b) seek and secure capital from both public and private sources, and (c) exit from the B‐EIR program to lead the start‐up company which must be located in the Long Island region.

More information about this interesting opportunity can be found here.

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