Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Short and Long Term Effects of Reform on the Healthcare Market" on ReachMD

I'd encourage you to listen to this ReachMD program titled, "Short and Long Term Effects of Reform on the Healthcare Market." The host for the show is Tim Rush, president and founder of Healthcare Staffing Innovations (HSI). Here's a brief description of that ReachMD segment which is a part of a new series called, "Your Career In Healthcare."
We all know that healthcare reform may change the way healthcare professionals practice medicine, but how might reform also change the way in which we either find employment or staff our facilities? Joining host Tim Rush to discuss the short and long term effects that healthcare reform might have on the the healthcare employment market is Phil Miller, vice president of communications for the country's largest temporary healthcare staffing business, AMN Healthcare.
Are we seeing more physicians choosing to leave clinical practice and pursue non-clinical job opportunities? Listen to this ReachMD segment to learn more. (login required for ReachMD)

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