Monday, June 7, 2010

Health IT expansion to create "tens of thousands" of jobs

Looking for a non-clinical job? Maybe it's time to pursue something in the health information technology industry. After all, Healthcare IT News is reporting that the health IT expansion will create thousands of new jobs in this country. You can thank President Obama for ARRA and HITECH.

So, will these jobs primarily be related to implementation, integration, etc? Will there be physician jobs as well? Or will most of these jobs be geared for nurses and non-clinicians? I've seen a trend where major health IT vendors are hiring physicians as members of a sales force. Physicians like to learn about things from other physicians. So, it makes sense that doctors are more likely to be open and receptive about electronic health records if they're hearing it from another doctor. So, if you don't mind traveling, then perhaps you'll enjoy working in health IT in the world of sales.

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