Friday, June 4, 2010

Establishing and Maintaining Leader Behavior

If you'd like to read a great article on leadership, then I encourage you to read this article titled, "Establishing and Maintaining Leader Behavior." This article is written by Ford R. Myers, President of Career Potential, LLC.

Leadership is an essential trait in the corporate setting. You must know how to lead teams, interact with colleagues, motivate employees, and accomplish tasks. Being a physician doesn't automatically give you authority when you're in the business world. In the hospital, you can write orders and you can command the team. Workplace dynamics can be very different when you're in a company. In the hospital, you're writing orders that get carried out by nurses. In the corporate setting, your boss might be a former nurse, telling you what to do.

Speaking of leadership, this isn't something that's generally taught in medical school. Leadership is a big emphasis in business school programs, but graduating with an MBA does not guarantee that you're a good leader. Remember that leadership is not synonymous with management in the business world. You might be an effective manager, but you may not be a good leader. If you're interested in the topic of leadership, I encourage you to listen to some iTunes business podcasts from schools like Stanford, Duke, and Yale. They have some great business podcasts that focus on executive leadership.

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