Sunday, November 23, 2014

ASCO is hiring an oncologist to lead their Clinical Affairs department

ASCO to Establish a Clinical Affairs Department to Provide Hands-on Assistance to Oncology Practices

ASCO is forming a Clinical Affairs department dedicated to providing services, education, and resources to support oncology practices. This new department will offer hands-on assistance in areas such as practice management, quality care assessment and improvement, and efficiency and business intelligence to meet the needs and demands of the current oncology landscape.

The Clinical Affairs department will begin providing assistance to practices by the end of 2014. The Society plans to house existing practice management resources in the new department and, over the next year, will expand these offerings to include support in the following areas:
  • Business of oncology
  • Practice management (staffing, technology, services, etc.)
  • Practice transformation to medical home, to certification, etc.
  • Market analysis
ASCO is seeking an oncologist to lead the Clinical Affairs department who has experience in all aspects of managing an oncology practice. This senior director will also work across ASCO and the cancer community to support all initiatives to enhance oncologists’ efforts to provide the highest quality of care.

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