Thursday, November 6, 2014

HBR post: Should You Get an MBA

A few months ago, there was a blog post on HBR titled, "Should You Get an MBA?" This seems to be a growing question among physicians who are interested in transitioning into a non-clinical career in the business or corporate world. Many will convince you to make the investment to pursue an MBA while others will persuade you to save your time and money since you don't "need" an MBA. Which is right? I believe it depends on your level of experience, your skill sets, your knowledge base, your social network, and your ultimate career goals and ambitions. Those factors are going to be unique for each person.

You can read the HBR perspective by Ed Batista here. Let me quote some interesting comments that might stick out to you:
I knew that some people in my field had negative impressions of MBAs, and I needed a chance to prove myself as an individual before being stereotyped... there are many fields and organizations in which MBAs are viewed with skepticism and even disdain 
While some firms seek out graduates from elite schools, others avoid them out of a concern that they will be difficult to work with and disruptive to the established culture.
What do you think? Does this perspective by Ed Batista sway you one way or the other?

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