Monday, January 9, 2012

Leadership and Strategy in Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

"Leadership and Strategy in Pharmaceuticals and Biotech" is an executive program offered by Harvard Business School this spring. Here is some additional information regarding this program:

Revolutions in technology, markets, and government policy are transforming the playing field for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. This program prepares high-potential executives to become better managers and leaders—and lays a foundation for strategically positioning their companies for a world of change.

What You Can Expect
Created to enhance individual leadership capacity and boost corporate performance, this leadership development program enables participants to evaluate alternative business models, competitive strategies, and financial approaches, as well as explore issues ranging from profitability, organizational change, and intellectual property to global distribution.

Your Course of Study
Case studies, lectures, and panel sessions explore the industry's defining issues. The intensive curriculum examines areas such as R&D and product lifecycle management, which present formidable management challenges requiring expert leadership.

Who Is Right for the Program
The program is designed for senior executives and small teams responsible for process research and development, research and discovery, clinical development, regulatory affairs, product development, manufacturing, operations, marketing, business development, and finance.

The curriculum examines critical areas that hold serious implications for pharmaceutical and biotech companies today. Key topics include:

  • The unique concerns of dealing with research in a global environment: organizing for the most effective results and encouraging technological innovation, while effectively licensing and preserving intellectual property for a competitive edge 
  • The impact of business models and alliances, especially given the slew of mergers and acquisitions that are reshaping the industry
  • Staying competitive in a quickly shifting industry, including managing product life cycles and determining market positioning and pricing
  • Developing appropriate financial strategies and control systems that incorporate risk management
  • Creating sustainable leadership within the organization to encourage managerial stability

More information about this program can be found here

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