Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Career Guide for Physician Executives

If you haven't read A Career Guide for Physician Executives, then you should pick this up and read this book. The author is Barbara J. Linney and the book was updated in 2006 to the second edition. The publisher is the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE). 

Here's a brief description:

More than ever, the health care field needs dynamic leadership if it is to weather the current tumultuous times. Confronted by withering financial constraints from government and other third-party payers, severe manpower and other resource restraints, an increasingly demanding and knowledgeable customer base, and numerous other management and organizational challenges, health care organizations are seeking leaders with skills, knowledge, courage and the will to reach the top. The race to master these and other changes in health care will be won by those who are swift and flexible. The newest publication from ACPE will help readers stay in that race. Included are sample resumes, often-asked interview questions, and examples of experience and communication skills needed for success.

Chapter titles in this 2nd edition of Hope for the Future include: “What Jobs Will Be There in the Future”, “Life-Work Planning Can Give You Energy”, “Know Where You've Been Before You Decide Where to Go”, “Planning for Change”, “What Do You Have to Do to Become a Physician Executive?”, “Networking-Getting to Know More People”, “Write a Powerful Resume”, “Interviewing for a Position”, “Negotiating Your Salary”, “What to Do When Fired”, and “Helpful Tools for the Job Search-Ways to Keep Your Sanity”.

You can get it from Amazon: A Career Guide for Physician Executives

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