Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Non-clinical physician jobs in California (consulting)

I recently came back from a trip to California. While I was there, I was speaking with a number of physicians who work in California (either in private practice, academia, or for Kaiser Permanente).  This year, I've personally worked with several physicians who live in California to help them establish a non-clinical career outside of traditional clinical practice. Interested in making a career transition?

The Medical Board of California (http://www.medbd.ca.gov) recently listed a few different non-clinical physician jobs. You can find them in the Medical Board of California Quarterly Newsletter. The July 2010 (Vol 115, July 2010) issue lists two physician  jobs:

1. Medical Consultant
There are consulting opportunities in the areas of: licensing, enforcement, and advisory. If you can give up 8 to 16 hours each week to work as a consultant for the state medical board, then perhaps you should look into this opportunity. 
2. Board certified expert reviewers
The Medical Board of California established the Expert Reviewer Program in July 1994 as an impartial and professional means by which to support the investigation and enforcement functions of the Board. Specifically, medical experts assist the Board by providing expert reviews and opinions on Board cases and conducting professional competency exams, physical exams and psychiatric exams.

Participating physicians are reimbursed $150 per hour for conducting case reviews and oral competency exams, $200 an hour for providing expert testimony, and usual and customary fees for physical or psychiatric exams.
You can learn about the expert reviewer opportunities by visiting this link.
Do you want to work for the Medical Board of California? You can learn about these jobs by going to page 6 on this issue of the Medical Board of California Quarterly Newsletter (PDF).

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