Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Master of Health Care Delivery Science

There's an interesting story about a new graduate degree program at Dartmouth. It's called the Master of Health Care Delivery Science.

The problems of health care throughout the world are not primarily ones of medical knowledge or even political will but of effective management and execution. The Master of Health Care Delivery Science (MHCDS) program seeks to deliver this specialized knowledge to a diverse, global group of participants—the managers and professionals who are poised to be the health care leaders of tomorrow.

Here's a snippet from a article about this program:

The program — launched by the college’s new president, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, a longtime activist for better, less expensive medical care worldwide — is a response to the health care crisis. By training doctors and hospital administrators to think more strategically about the success rate of a particular type of surgery, for example, or ways to reduce waiting times in emergency rooms, medical care will get safer and more affordable, school officials say.

You can learn more here.

1 comment:

  1. Dartmouth may develop a useful program but our health care problems will need political will to fix.

    Efficiencies in management and execution or the mythical savings from preventive care will not be enough.