Saturday, July 17, 2010

Even nurses are having difficulty finding jobs

In this economy, new nurses are having difficulty finding jobs. But don't we have a nursing shortage? Yes, but we also have many older nurses who are delaying retirement because they need to support their families. As a result, jobs are not opening up for nursing school graduates. Plus, we have retired nurses who are re-entering the workforce and since they have more work experience, they're getting the jobs. Plus, we have more part-time nurses who are choosing to work full-time so that they can help support the family.

Will medical school graduates face a similar problem when they complete residency? Will older physicians delay retirement? I think that many physicians may actually be planning an earlier retirement given all these recent changes surrounding health care reform and the health information technology requirements. 

During a recession, we may tend to gravitate towards careers in health care because we feel that there is a level of stability when it comes to the world of health care. However, we have to remember all the other components that impact employment and we can't

Read the USA Today article titled, "New RNs find job market tight" by clicking here. Maybe some of these new nurses will have an easier time finding a non-clinical job instead of a clinical job.

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