Friday, July 16, 2010

Golf and work

Do you golf? If you're a practicing physician and you like to play golf, it's probably entirely a social sport. You're not trying to impress a client and you're not trying to sell a product or service.

In the business world, you may be playing a lot of golf with clients, potential clients, and even coworkers so that you can build stronger working relationships that may impact your career. In the corporate world, the game of golf is no longer entirely a social sport. Your ability to play golf could have professional ramifications.

When I was in college, I never played golf. To be quite honest, I had no interest in the sport. When I was in medical school, I didn't have any time to learn how to play golf and I still lacked interest. Who has time to play golf during residency? I didn't play my first real game of golf until I was working in a company. I grew to enjoy the sport so I received lessons, purchased equipment, and got serious about becoming a better golfer.

Speaking of golf, I'm out playing golf today and we have a company picnic over the weekend. I hope you're enjoying the summer!

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