Sunday, July 18, 2010

The business school application process

Allow me to share my experiences as I go through the business school application process. A few months ago, I began filling out a few applications for several executive MBA programs.
  • I'm mainly applying to Executive MBA programs that waive the GMAT. I may still take the GMAT because that may open up certain scholarship opportunities. (when will I find time to study for the GMAT?)
  • I can write my essays fairly quickly. I'm used to writing, so this won't take too much time. In fact, maybe I'll publish excerpts from my essays on
  • Time to fill out some transcript request forms so that I can have transcripts sent to each business school. I was browsing through some of my old transcripts. Am I ready to go back to school?
  • My CV is ready. In fact, you should always have a CV ready because you never know when you may need it.
  • I need to get 2 professional recommendation letters. This is where I feel like I'm applying to college again. 
I'll keep you updated as I go through the business school application process.

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