Monday, July 19, 2010

Doostang and Ivy Exec

Are you on LinkedIn? Maybe you're using Facebook. Well, if you're looking for an exclusive professional social networking website, then you may want to look at Doostang or Ivy Exec. Both of these sites offer free membership and they also have paid services as well.
Founded in 2005 at Harvard, Stanford and MIT, Doostang was created with one goal in mind: to successfully advance ambitious young professionals in their careers. Doostang offers its members the opportunity to search thousands of high-quality, highly relevant opportunities, and tools to leverage their inside connection to get hired.

Ivy Exec's pre-screening process allows professionals to be part of a smaller pool of candidates when applying for jobs. This helps professionals standout in a competitive job market.

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  1. Ivy Exec is a serious scam. They get their jobs right from corporate websites and expect their members to pay for this useless service, there is nothing exclusive about what they offer. You might as well save your money and go to the company's career section yourself.

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    We're sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience with Ivy Exec.

    We provide employers (check out the logos on our homepage) a valuable service- we screen candidates, and selectively promote the jobs they post. We have not heard negative comments from employers about this service and will gladly disable any posting. Clients often send applicants through their ATS online for legal and compliance reasons. Municipalities may ask candidates to mail in their applications. We don't control internal processes.

    We also provide database search access for direct employers and executive search firms. In this model, the companies reach out to candidates that meet their qualifications.

    We take seriously the "scam" allegation.

    To this end, we do not charge candidates for basic membership. Basic members make their resume available for executive recruiters (and have limited access to other site features) We also perform our own executive searches using this information. This database is both free and secure to join. You control whether your resume will be visible to recruiters.

    A candidate can ONLY sign up for premium service (which provides unlimited access to our site and content) after agreeing to our terms of service and agreeing that they understand that this is a paid service.

    We cannot guarantee any candidate a job. We cannot guarantee that your qualifications will meet current employer demands. We can offer free memberships for people who want to try us out before committing to pay, and we can help provide users more information about how to be more effective in their job search.

    If you are a genuine Ivy Exec member who has been dissatisfied with our service, please call us, or email us. We look forward to hearing from you. is open 24 hours a day. I'm also available 9-5 ET, at 1-888-551-3444 ext 2.

    Thank you,
    Mimi Kim
    Community Relations and Engagement Associate
    Ivy Exec.