Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Struggling to make decisions about business school

Many of you know that I've been thinking about business school for many years. The biggest struggle I'm having right now is that I'm getting more involved with side ventures and they're eating up my time. I'd like to spend more time with my family, but I'm simply doing too many things (blogging, consulting, etc.). So, how does business school fit into this mix?
  • Am I willing to give up 2 weekends each month to pursue an executive MBA?
  • A part-time MBA would give me much more flexibility, but I may not gain the same level of networking opportunities. 
  • Should I spend more time with these side ventures? That would delay my plans for business school.
Earlier this year, I was certain that I'd be enrolled in an MBA program in 2010. Now, I'm less certain because I remain concerned that I don't have enough time for work, family, blogging, consulting, side ventures, and sleep! At least I know that I won't need to worry about the GMAT since many MBA programs will waive the GMAT if you have a terminal degree.

I'm hoping that after I attend the MD/MBA conference in Boston this weekend, I'll get some more clarity about this issue.

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  1. I think the decision is an individual one. If looking for an ROI, right now, it may be a tough sell. Doing my MBA, an executive one, was a fantastic experience I would do again in a heartbeat. I benefited from working/studying with some top notch high level execs from multiple industries, and it so broadened my perspective and vision. For me, it recharged me, even though it was the busiest 2 1/2 years of my life, but I was the most organized and efficient during that period than I have ever been. Good luck on making te right decision for you. Luis