Sunday, April 4, 2010

Congratulations to one of our physician clients who was offered a non-clinical job!

One of our physician clients who's currently receiving career coaching from us here at was offered a non-clinical job recently. I can't go into details because of confidentiality reasons, but this particular job falls into the category of "administrative medicine" and it would be a complete career transition for this individual who is currently working full-time as a practicing physician in the United States.  Will this individual retire from full-time clinical medicine to pursue this non-clinical job opportunity? Will this individual pursue other potential opportunities? We'll have to wait and see... 

Careers in administrative medicine aren't for everyone. Imagine spending 100% of your time reviewing charts for admission status certification, dealing with claims/bills/reimbursement, auditing billed services, and focusing on regulatory guidelines and utilization management. Does that sound fun? Some administrative medicine jobs may be more interesting if it involves some travel, some face-to-face interactions with clients, some strategic consulting opportunities, and some direct staff management.

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