Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 most popular topic categories on NonClinicalJobs.com

You'll see that I have a long list of topic categories on the far right column of this website.

Have you ever wondered which topic categories are most popular? Here are the top 10 topic categories that are currently seeing the highest volume of traffic:
  1. consulting 
  2. non-clinical opportunities 
  3. non-clinical physician jobs 
  4. medical writing 
  5. cme 
  6. blogging  
  7. non-clinical careers 
  8. McKinsey 
  9. clinical research 
  10. careers 
Now, what does this seem to suggest? I'm actually a bit surprised to see that people aren't clicking on health it or pharma. Maybe those individuals are using the search box instead.  People also can't forget about the power behind Social Networking 

Well, I'd like to thank all my readers for your support and for telling others about this resource. I'm always open to suggestions, so please make sure to contact me if you'd like me to write about certain topics. 

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