Monday, March 22, 2010

Harvard Business Review focuses on health care

The April edition of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) has a section titled, "Spotlight on Fixing Health Care." This edition places a heavy focus on health care and starting on page 50, you'll see 5 great articles that evaluate different components of our current health care system. Those article are:
  • Turning Doctors Into Leaders
  • Medicine Needs a New Kind of Hero
  • Fixing Health Care on the Front Lines
  • Premium Price, Poor Performance
  • Five Reasons Why Costs Are So High and How to Tackle Them
I've really been enjoying my complimentary subscription to HBR (more about that later). It's a great business magazine and it's really motivating me to enroll in business school ASAP. HBR is not an inexpensive magazine, but it's well worth the investment. I also read BusinessWeek and a few others, but HBR is my favorite business magazine. You can get a great deal (save over 50%) by subscribing through below:

Speaking of business school, make sure you don't miss out on some great business podcasts on iTunes and also on iTunes U. My favorite business podcasts have been from Stanford and Wharton so far.

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