Monday, February 22, 2010

Networking is critical when looking for a job

We've all heard that networking is vital when looking for a new job, but how much do we really believe it? How actively are you growing your social network? Are you using social media? Are you on LinkedIn? On Facebook? On Twitter? Perhaps you don't believe that these tools can really help you professionally.

A story on the Wall Street Journal might catch your attention. It's titled, "Internal Hires, Referrals Were Most Hired in 2009." Here' what you'll read:
For the 49% of jobs that were filled with external recruits, referrals accounted for the most hires -- 27%... On average, these yielded one hire for every 15 referrals received. Meanwhile, company Web sites and job boards accounted for 22% and 13% of external hires, respectively.
So, how do you get referred? You have to know people. They've got to be thinking about you and mentioning your name as opportunities arise.

To read this article on the Wall Street Journal, click here.

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