Friday, January 1, 2010

Get published online in the New Year

There are many benefits to getting your name published online. It's easy to write your own blog, but will people find your content? Will people recognize your name as someone who is a subject matter expert in a certain field? More and more consumers are looking for health information and you can generate content and get your name published on various types of online articles, blog posts, editorials, etc.

If you'd like to get your name attached to some online articles, allow me to help you by inviting you to submit a short editorial blog post for one of these websites:
These websites are a part of HCPLive, a comprehensive Internet portal for healthcare professionals managed by Intellisphere, LLC.  If your articles get published on these sites, then you can add this as "writing experience" on your resume. I can provide you with more details about that.
    Publishing articles on the Internet will:
    • Show potential employers your ability to write in an informal, non-academic setting. This is important on a variety of levels, ranging from marketing to consumer health education.
    • Demonstrate your ability to develop consumer-friendly content. (physicians traditionally are known to struggle with this, because they tend to speak in scientific jargon and they forget to address important health literacy concerns)
    • Reveal your familiarity (or expertise) in the specific domains, such as health IT, mobile technology, health education, biomedical informatics, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), iPhone, etc.
    • Show that you are comfortable with computers and web-based content (physicians are traditionally considered technology-ignorant by many potential employers).
    • Improve your presence on the Internet. By publishing articles on the web, these articles will pop up when people search your name on Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo. 
    Contact me if you'd like to get something published on one of these sites and grow your online presence in the New Year!

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