Thursday, December 31, 2009

Non-clinical opportunities for supplemental income

Some physicians spend many hours "moonlighting" to generate supplemental income for the household. There was a time when I did a fair bit of moonlighting myself. Many physicians are looking for creative, non-clinical ways to earn supplemental income. Here are some examples of ways you can generate some income in your spare time.
  • Medical writing. You can find some freelance/contract projects that have fixed durations (example: 3 months). You may also find some part-time writing projects that don't require extensive work experience as a formal medical writer.
  • Consulting. Some start-up companies are looking for physician consultants to provide some medical direction and guidance as they develop their business strategy. Other companies may need physicians to offer advice about clinical workflow issues, decision-making processes, health care administrative issues, etc.
  • Medical chart reviews. There are a growing number of companies that are paying physicians to review charts. Some chart reviews may be for medicolegal purposes. Other reviews may deal with claims and reimbursement. The world of "administrative medicine" is expanding quickly.
  • Tutoring and teaching. There are many opportunities to help college and medical students with test prep (MCAT, USMLE Step 1, etc.). Some students need some personalized attention, especially if they struggle with a learning disorder, ADHD, etc.
  • Blogging. Yes, blogging can generate supplemental income if you're creative and persistent.
You may also stumble upon some market research surveys that pay for your time (for instance, you'll see quite a few of these on Sermo). You may also choose to sell things on eBay, explore the world of real estate, or develop an online business where you're selling some type of product. If you've got an entrepreneurial spirit and you have some creative juices flowing in your head, then I'm sure you'll find many different ways to generate some supplemental income.

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