Sunday, December 13, 2009

Health insurance jobs

Do you think that jobs in the health insurance industry are increasing or decreasing? Given all these recent discussions about the public option and universal health care coverage for the United States, I think there are several different forces at work. We see some companies offering cheap health insurance. So what's happening with jobs in the health insurance industry?

On one hand, managed care employees are leaving their companies to look for work in different industries. I personally know many physicians, nurses, and pharmacists who have chosen to leave a career in the health insurance industry so that they can pursue opportunities in other industries such as consulting, legal medicine, quality improvement, medical education, etc. Why are they leaving? Some fear they may lose their jobs if a public option comes about. Others are tired of working in the health insurance industry. So, in that sense, health insurance jobs may be opening up (assuming that the insurance companies are maintaining those empty positions).

There's another dynamic: health insurance care companies may be eliminating positions and reorganizing. Some may be restructuring in anticipation of facing a public option. Others may be reorganizing due to various budget cuts, decreased revenues, etc. After all, we're in a recession and unemployment significantly impacts the availability of company-sponsored health benefits. Even if you sign up for COBRA, you won't have health coverage forever. Speaking of COBRA and health insurance, have you tried looking for cheap health insurance? It's becoming more difficult to find affordable health insurance these days. The Internet is probably your best source for finding cheap health insurance. You can compare prices and plans very easily.


  1. “Do you think that jobs in the health insurance industry are increasing or decreasing?” – IMO, it is increasing because a lot of people are getting informed of the many benefits of having health insurance these days.

  2. I agree with the above comment. But I think people should also learn to choose the right health insurance plans that is right for their budget. I think an insurance agent can be a great help too.