Sunday, December 13, 2009

Going back to school to pursue a non-clinical career

It's rather ironic, but there are non-clinical people going back to school to find clinical jobs (such as nursing, nursing assistant, pharmacy, pharmacy technician, radiology technician, etc.) and there are clinical people going back to school to find non-clinical jobs (such as consulting, health care business, administration, medical management, etc.). Wow, that was quite a full sentence, wasn't it?

Let's try it again: I know clinical people who are going back to school to pursue non-clinical jobs, and I also know many non-clinicians who are going back to school to pursue health care careers.

Maybe you've thought about going back to school. Maybe you're thinking about it right now. Are you looking at full-time programs? Part-time? Online? I know business executives who are applying to part-time nursing schools. I also know other executives interested in various part-time and full-time health care programs. Are you willing to work full-time and take courses part-time? That's one way of going back to school while maintaining your income.

However, maybe the big question to ask is: do you really need to go back to school? Are you a health care professional? Maybe you're thinking about business school to get an MBA. I've also recently spoken with physicians interested in public health and medical informatics and they are exploring graduate programs in those fields (MPH and MS in medical or biomedical informatics). So, how about you? Do you plan to go back to school to pursue a different career?

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