Sunday, December 13, 2009 Gift Card for the unemployed

I'm an avid rock climber, but isn't about rock climbing. It's a website that offers online services for unemployed individuals looking for jobs. I'm sure we all know people who are looking for jobs. This holiday season, we have an opportunity to help these individuals in different ways, from helping them expand their social to providing them with resources that may help them find jobs. is an online service that helps people advance their careers. walks them through the steps necessary to create a powerful Personal Brand that gets them the exposure they need. They are then automatically networked with recruiters and hiring managers who can help them advance in their career.

There is no better gift this holiday for your unemployed loved ones than the Gift Card. Long gone are the days of frivolous gifts. This season's gift buyers are more inclined to buy gifts with high utility. CNBC reported that the U-6 (the combination Unemployed & Under-employed ) unemployment rate was 17.5%. There is no higher utility that helping advance a loved ones career. So this year, pass on the sweaters or gadgets for the holiday season, and literally give the Gift of Opportunity to help your loved ones achieve lasting career success.

The Gift Opportunity packages focus on:

* Developing your loved one's professional Personal Brand for a career search
* Create an online, fully Search-Engine-Optimized Career Profile to help showcase his/her skills and interests so that recruiters can recruit them
* Market your loved one's Brand exclusively to the recruiters and managers at his/her ideal companies
* Showcase your loved one's profile to companies he/she may not have considered-but who are a perfect match for his/her unique career goals
You can see an example of an Online Career Brand by clicking here.

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