Thursday, December 24, 2009

Balancing school, work, and life (and blogging)

A few years ago, I was balancing school, work, and life. I was working full-time, taking graduate level courses part-time, and trying to be a good father/husband at home. I'm sure I could have shown improvement in many areas. I wasn't blogging very much back then.

Now, I'm balancing work, blogging, some side-work (call it some entrepreneurial ventures), and my family. If I choose to go back to school, then I'll be juggling work, side-work, school, and family. Is this even possible? Can you work full-time, take graduate level courses, blog, invest time in some entrepreneurial ventures, and adequately maintain a family? Something's going to give, right?

These are some of the issues that I wrestle with as I drive to work or exercise at the gym. My mind wanders to these questions: Should I go to business school? I'd really like to, but when's the right time? Am I spending too much time on something? How healthy is my work-life balance? Should I be investing so much time in some of my ventures? Am I being too ambitious? Am I spread too thin? Am I a workaholic?

Perhaps you've struggled with some of these issues. Maybe you need to make some significant changes in the New Year. The irony I face is that I have a non-clinical career and although this allows me to spend a great deal of time with my family, I find myself pursuing many other professional interests with some of that time.

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