Thursday, December 24, 2009

Working as a medical writer

How many professional medical writers do you personally know? If your answer is "none," then you need to meet some writers and learn more about this profession. I work with medical writers on a daily basis and I've met many different types of writers ranging from those who work on regulatory documents to those involved in consumer health education. I've also spent some time working in the medical writing industry myself and I've helped many physicians transition into a successful medical writing career.

The AMWA (American Medical Writers Association) is a great resource for physicians who are interested in the medical writing profession. Some of the more useful resources include the following:
  • AMWA salary surveys (how much do medical writers make?)
  • Webinar on the AMA Manual of Style
  • Freelance directory
If you're curious about medical writing, you may want to make the investment to join AMWA. It costs $145 to join and if you're a student, you can join for $45. Maybe I'll see you at a local networking event. To learn more about AMWA, visit:

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