Thursday, November 5, 2009

MBA in pharmaceutical management

A few weeks ago, I met someone who was a student in the Drexel MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Pharmaceutical Management at LeBow College of Business. This person was a pharmacist and was currently working in a major pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. Why get an MBA if you're already a pharmacist working in industry? For career advancement, right?

My uncle and my wife are Drexel alumni, so I have a tremendous amount of respect for Drexel University. The MBA in Pharmaceutical Management is a cohorted program designed for working professionals and most of the course work is completed online. You have some on-campus time where you'll meet your classmates and work on some projects together, but you get to keep up with the rest of your studies using your computer. This is great for MSLs (medical science liaison) and other pharmaceutical professionals who are constantly traveling.

Here's a snapshot of the Drexel MBA in Pharmaceutical Management student profile (this is from their brochure):
  • Average GMAT 620
  • GMAT range 570-680
  • Average age at start of program 36
  • Age 26-42
  • Average amount of work experience 10 years
  • Work experience range 5-25 years
Does that describe you? Maybe you haven't taken the GMAT yet. If you have a terminal degree (doctorate degree), then you may waive the GMAT at Drexel.
The MBA in Pharmaceutical Management is uniquely designed for you to reach your goals of developing new skills, achieving new understanding, advancing your career, and helping your organization reach new levels of productivity in an increasingly competitive global economy.
One of the biggest reasons why pharmaceutical professionals get an MBA is to advance their career. After all, if you've been drenched in the sciences all your undergraduate and graduate life, how much have you really learned about the world of business?

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