Friday, November 6, 2009

New Business of Medicine CME Series

No one likes to talk about the "business of medicine." After all, who wants to admit that patient care is a business?

Well, there's a new certified CME (continuing medical education) series that's jointly sponsored by Sermo and the University of Pennsylvania. In the world of CME, the word "sponsored" does not mean that they are financially supporting the activity. This CME series is supported by an educational grant from sanofi-aventis (yes, a pharma company supported this CME series on the business of medicine).

The first module is titled, "The Cash Only Practice: Reinventing an Old Practice Model."
The New Business of Medicine Series is an entire curriculum of CME-certified education in the area practice management. Stemming from identified gaps in practice management and related educational needs, the modules focus on how to improve practice with the ultimate goal of improving the delivery of care to patients. Interactive multimedia formats such as in-depth interviews, case studies and debates will be employed to bring this content into focus. Originally developed content from a multidisciplinary team of expert faculty -- physician practitioners and researchers with expertise in such areas as practice management, bioethics, billing and compliance is combined with data from actual practice experience to produce this unique curriculum.
Some of the resources you'll see listed on this CME site include:
  • Ideal Medical Practices
  • Society for Innovative Medical Practice Design (SIMPD)
  • Physicians’ Foundation Survey (2008)
Before you consider a transition out of clinical medicine into the non-clinical side of health care, you may want to consider some alternative models of clinical practice. I encourage you to join Sermo so that you can view the discussions related to the topic of the business of medicine, concierge medicine, boutique medicine, and more.

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