Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Best Places to Work in Healthcare

According to ModernHealthcare.com, the best places to work if you're in the health care industry are:
  1. Intelligent InSites
  2. Doctors Hospital of Sarasota
  3. CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System
  4. Holy Name Hospital
  5. Sage Products
  6. Memorial Healthcare System
  7. VHA
  8. Awarepoint Corp.
  9. Premier
  10. Valley Medical Center
  11. Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake
  12. King's Daughters Medical Center
  13. Kootenai Health
  14. Trilogy Health Services
  15. LiquidAgents Healthcare
  16. South Dayton Acute Care Consultants
  17. Buena Vista Regional Medical Center
  18. Saint Francis Medical Center
  19. Indiana Regional Medical Center
  20. Sutter Maternity and Surgery Center
I'm not entirely sure how they conduct their surveys, but it's always interesting to see their list each year. The study is sponsored by the Studer Group (Studer Group is an outcomes based health care consulting firm devoted to teaching evidence-based tools and processes that organizations can immediately use to create and sustain outcomes in service and operational excellence).

The list above categorizes each employer as either a provider or a supplier (I've bolded the suppliers in the list above since you're more likely to find non-clinical opportunities in that type of setting). 6 out of the top 20 are suppliers. The #1 company is a supplier. Are you considering a move out of the "provider" group and into the "supplier" group?

To view the entire list on ModernHealthcare, click here.

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