Friday, October 16, 2009

Become a fan of the Facebook page for the Non-Clinical Jobs blog

Since I'm a blogger, I'm conducting a social experiment. I set up a Facebook page for this blog. You can access that page by visiting this link: Facebook link.

Traditionally, I have reserved Facebook exclusively for personal use and not for professional social networking. However, since I'm getting to know more of my readers on a personal level, I've decided to start leveraging my Facebook account to meet my readers and to stay connected on a personal note. I'm a strong proponent of social networking and I believe that Facebook is evolving to incorporate more elements of business and professional social networking.

After all, the decision to transition to a non-clinical career often involves many personal elements. There's the work/family balance. Some people are more focused on meeting the needs of their families. I firmly believe that family should always come first.

So, if you'd like to connect on Facebook, start by becoming a fan of this blog.  Visit the Facebook link.

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