Thursday, October 15, 2009

What if money wasn't an issue?

What type of career would you pursue if money wasn't an issue? So many physicians are buried in school-related debt. As a result, the sad reality is that money is an issue. You may not need an extremely high salary, but you'll need enough to pay your off your loans. Otherwise, you'll be filing for bankruptcy.

But what if money wasn't an issue? What type of career would you want to pursue? Would you be motivated to work? Perhaps you'd enjoy a teaching career. Maybe you'd pursue arts, music, or poetry. Write a book. Stay at home with the kids.

Some people are fortunate enough that money really isn't an issue for them. Many physicians feel trapped in their clinical "job" because they have to support their families, pay bills, and make loan payments.

When you're thinking about a career transition into the non-clinical world of medicine, it's important to consider your personal dreams, ambitions, and passions in life. What would you do if money wasn't an issue? If you spend some time thinking about that question, are you able to generate an honest answer quickly? Or, maybe you need to spend several days or weeks thinking about that question.

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