Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Over 730 members and growing weekly

As the month of July comes to an end, I wanted to provide a membership update. We currently have over 730 members in our Ning social networking community (Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals). When we entered the month of July, we had 668 members. After announcing a career counseling service earlier this month, I'm now working with over 50 physicians who are seriously interested in pursuing non-clinical careers.

I'm still finalizing some of the details with my professional career counselors who are eager to help these individuals and I hope to provide some updates over the next several weeks as things move forward. If you haven't joined this social networking community, I encourage you to join. It's free to join and it's a great way to meet others who may share similar interests. Plus, it's a good way to stay updated with any new developments/services offered through this site.

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