Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Physician Executive MBA

I don't have an MBA (yet), but I'd like to pursue one someday. Like many of you, I've been thinking about the pros/cons of an MBA. When's the right timing? Given the current economic conditions, I feel like I should be saving instead of spending towards further education. After all, I don't "need" an MBA to work right now. Therefore, when would it make sense to make the time and financial investment? What type of ROI (return on investment) will I see if I invest an an MBA? Why do tuition costs vary so much from one school to the next?

If you're thinking about getting an MBA in healthcare management, there's a long list of programs that focus on healthcare or medical management. One program that comes to mind is the University of Tennessee College of Business Administration. This program is offered exclusively for physicians seeking high-quality leadership, management, and business operation skills. This program is conveniently available nationwide, requiring only four, one-week, on-site residence periods during the 12-month program. All other course hours are available at your computer desktop through the Internet. Classes start in early January; graduation is in December of each year.

Want to see some of the profiles of recent graduates? Click on this link to see graduates from 2009. You'll see a mixture of U.S. and foreign/international medical graduates (IMGs/FMGs) in various hospital positions throughout the country. Modern Physician has consistently ranked the University of Tennesse program as the "#1 Preferred MBA Program Exclusively for Physicians."

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