Friday, July 10, 2009

Jobs during medical school

What types of jobs do medical students have? It's hard to believe that medical students actually time for a part-time, let alone a full-time job. However, I know several students who went through the first two years of medical school holding part-time jobs. I also know that some students have various types of Internet-based businesses. This can be anywhere from blogging to selling antiques on eBay. Remember, there are many non-traditional medical students who have extensive experience in law, business, consulting, and other industries. They may have some part-time non-clinical jobs that keep them busy on the side.

So, what happens when you ask medical students about their part-time jobs? Here's what you get:
  • Working at a country/golf club on the weekends
  • Tutoring (I have experience with this)
  • Working in a restaurant
  • Blogging or medical writing
  • Donating to a sperm or egg bank
  • Research (let me clarify - being a human research subject)
  • Working in the school library
  • Pizza delivery
  • Online business
  • Ice cream store (now that would be my first choice)
  • And of course, working as an exotic dancer (wasn't that on a TV show? Yes, on Grey's Anatomy, but don't start getting any ideas.)
This list isn't meant to be exhaustive. Keep in mind that many students simply live off their school loans and they don't bother getting part-time jobs. Who has the time when you're trying to memorize all those body parts and drugs?

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