Monday, July 13, 2009

Career coaching in health IT (information technology)

Would you be interested in receiving some "career coaching" advice from experts in the health IT field? Perhaps you're interested in switching careers but you don't know where to start. Maybe you've been involved in your hospital IT committee and you'd like to take your career to the "next level." Have you been thinking about a medical informatics fellowship? How about a master degree in medical informatics or in health information technology and information management?

Considering how much money will be directed towards health IT because of the HITECH provisions within ARRA, the world of health IT is a goldmine for tech-savvy physicians who are interested in pursuing non-clinical careers in this field. Perhaps you wish to learn more about: electronic health records (EHRs); decision support tools; personal health records (PHRs); tailored online messaging; disease management programs; quality improvement indicators; computerized physician order entry (CPOE); public health surveillance; natural language processing; algorithm generation; evidence-based decision support; e-prescribing; telemedicine; predictive modeling; decision support architecture and sharing; knowledge management; user-generated health information; mobile technology; data privacy and security; and much more!

If you'd like to have the opportunity to directly correspond with some health IT experts, contact me via e-mail because I may be able to help you. The other day, I had a nice phone conversation with a physician who had completed a Harvard-MIT Division of HST Biomedical Informatics Postdoctoral Fellowship. I know several other people who have trained in medical informatics and are currently working in both the private and academic sectors. I'm expanding my network and I'd like to help you get the advice you need if you're thinking about opportunities within the health IT space.

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