Monday, June 8, 2009

Digital Relationships

Are you leveraging your digital relationships? BusinessWeek has this on the June 1 cover: "What's a Friend Worth? Decoding digital relationships will change how businesses market, manage, and recruit."

If you're not actively building your social network, then you may be losing some potential opportunities. The earlier you start, the stronger your network will be. This article talks specifically about Twitter and Facebook and even mentions a New York company called 33Across, a firm that leverages social networks for marketing. In social networking, reciprocal communications are critical. This is one of the main reasons why people on Twitter choose to follow those who follow them. This is known as "following back." You can create a Twitter account in a matter of a few minutes and if you properly leverage this powerful social networking tool, then you may discover some tremendous opportunities for your personal and professional life.


  1. I am part of twitter and connected to you. I have recently signed my husband up to linkedin, as well, as he is on a job search.

    Frustrating to me right now as he does not use all these tools to his advantage for his job search.

    He is searching for a non-clinical medical job right now and he becomes frustrated with me the more I show him about networking

  2. I know many people who found some incredible opportunities by reconnecting with college and even high school contacts. Social networking can open many doors. Best wishes to him and let me know if there is anything I can do to offer any assistance.

  3. Just responding has helped, he feels that he can find a job on his own, does not need others, I have had to pull him near the computer to ask if I can link him to previous co-workers.

    He spent the last 5 months in California doing a temporary job as the National Director of X-Ray and now has returned to Chicago, where they did not hold his job for him (as promised), rough times for us.

    Thanks for listening

  4. I wish him the all the best. I'll be glad to help if I can.