Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Social Networking Tips to Help You Find Non-Clinical Opportunities

If you plan to transition to a non-clinical career, start building your social network now. It's so critical to grow your network so that you can get your foot into doors of potential opportunity. It can be very difficult to go straight from clinical medicine to your "dream non-clinical job" unless you know some really influential people. Many clinicians ease into the transition by finding a job that may act as a stepping stone or a jumping board. After gaining a few years of non-clinical experience and really getting familiar with corporate policies, you may gain the necessary skills to springboard into a much better opportunity.

So how do you "break into" non-clinical opportunities? For many people, it starts through their social network. Do you use Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Plaxo? Ning? Reach out to the people within your professional social network and you may find some incredible opportunities out there. It's so critical to build a strong social network when you're transitioning from the clinical to the non-clinical world of medicine.

Maybe you should start by joining the free social network called "Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals." There, you can meet others who can provide you with career advice.

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