Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Physician Advisor sub-specialty for the HCQM certification

Want to get certified as a Physician Advisor? Earlier this year, two organizations formed an alliance to offer the first Physician Advisor as a sub-specialty for Health Care Quality and Management (HCQM) certification.
  • American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, Inc. (ABQAURP)
  • American College of Physician Advisors, Inc. (ACPA)
ABQAURP and ACPA formed the alliance to offer the first Physician Advisor sub-specialty for the HCQM certification. The HCQM certification and new sub-specialty align with ACPA’s mission to promote and expand the prominent role of the Physician Advisor in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment through education, certification, mentorship, and collaboration; as well as ABQAURP’s mission to improve the overall quality of health care that is provided to the consuming public. The Physician Advisor sub-specialty is endorsed by the ACPA, and will only be awarded to those physicians who have first achieved certification in HCQM.

Learn more about the Physician Advisor sub-specialty here.

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