Friday, March 14, 2014

Job Post: Knowledge Expert- Clinical Variation

Job Post: Knowledge Expert- Clinical Variation; Objective Health (McKinsey & Company)

The Knowledge Expert is responsible for the ongoing development and refinement of a broad range of Clinical Variation related products. This includes developing and refining standardized assessments (Solutions); project management tools, performance management tools, on-line analytical tools (Tools), and benchmarking data.

Responsibilities will include:
  • Manage all CV-related products in accordance with timelines and quality standards
  • Direct research, data collection, and the work of the CV product team, collaborating with the CV Product Manager, to define a vision for the CV product suit, developing and applying new conceptual frameworks and analytical approaches, as needed to complement existing products
  • Provide support to sales team, as needed, as an CV content Expert, working with CDE’s
  • Deliver and present solutions and recommendations to Objective Health clients, working with CSE’s
In order to successfully perform these responsibilities, the Knowledge Expert – CV should have a deep understanding of hospital operational practices, preferably with 3+ years of experience in assessing and implementing CV programs. In addition, the role requires strong problem-solving skills, and an ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and team members to deliver consistent, high-quality output in a timely manner. An M.D. degree is required.

Travel expectation approximately 50%-60%

This job is geographically flexible, with a strong preference to the East Coast & Midwest

Interested candidates should contact: Jeff Delaney, Senior Recruiter, McKinsey Solutions at

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