Tuesday, December 17, 2013

HIMSS Fellow, HHS Innovator In Resident Program

Want to join HIMSS as a Fellow and HHS Innovator In Resident?

The purpose of this position is for the HIMSS Innovator in Residence (IIR) to work for two (2) years as an employee of HIMSS and on behalf of its stakeholders to develop a vision, strategy and implementation of consistent patient data matching in health. The IIR will work onsite at Health and Human Services (HHS) with the HHS Chief Technology Officer, and National Coordinator for Health IT, and others for exposure to a wide range of policy, stakeholder engagement, and technical expertise. The IIR will work with stakeholders in business, research, healthcare organizations, consumers/patient organizations, and others with interest in transforming the healthcare system in America. The IIR will bring technology development experiences and project management experiences to enable broad engagement in solving challenges in record matching approaches.

The IIR will demonstrate results of this entrepreneurial activity by completing a framework for technology and policy solutions to help provide consistent matching of a patient’s healthcare records thereby enhancing the safety and efficacy of healthcare. The IIR activities will lead to establishing metrics of patient matching technology approaches and create a pathway evaluating solutions. Successes will include engaging stakeholders to adopt approaches that will set in motion improvements in technology that improve consistent and reliable patient matching of records. Specific outcomes are defined in the project plan.

Learn more about this position here.

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