Thursday, July 25, 2013

AcademyHealth Senior Scholars Program

The AcademyHealth Senior Scholars Program includes long- and short-term opportunities for senior leaders in the field of health services research to work ‘in residence’ at AcademyHealth’s, Washington, D.C. offices. Scholars experience first-hand on the role that health services research can play in informing national policy issues and gain access to policymakers, thought-leaders and AcademyHealth staff. The program has three goals:
  1. To provide an opportunity for the Senior Scholars to deepen their understanding of how health services research informs national policy;
  2. To bring new and innovative thinking and research to national policy discussions; and
  3. To increase interactions between AcademyHealth members and AcademyHealth staff in order to deepen their mutual understanding of key health issues and to help them better serve the field.
“The Senior Scholars Program builds upon and supports our vision to improve health and health care by generating new knowledge and moving knowledge into action,” said AcademyHealth President and CEO, Lisa Simpson, M.B. B.Ch. F.A.A.P. “It’s an opportunity to showcase the deep and diverse expertise our members offer to the national policy discussions while offering the Senior Scholar outstanding opportunities to collaborate, advise, network, participate in AcademyHealth programs and projects, and take advantage of opportunities that only exist in Washington, D.C.”

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