Monday, February 4, 2013

CMIO Survival Guide

Don't miss this great book if you're thinking about becoming a CMIO someday. The The CMIO Survival Guide: A Handbook for Chief Medical Information Officers and Those Who Hire Them

Despite the promise of improving care and other benefits, EMR implementations are highly disruptive to the organization. This book prepares you to lead or participate successfully in change management/technology adoption efforts, so that meaningful use of EMRs can be achieved. The authors provide successful strategies to plan and implement change. The content is based on their decades of combined experience managing the people side of implementation. The book covers the importance of making a business case for change management, explaining why technology implementations will not deliver benefits without significant focus on users. It describes two critical success factors in any large-scale change management efforts--a clear vision and effective leadership. Sections of the book deal with establishing a foundation for change; building commitment; and developing requisite skills in change management. The book includes numerous lessons learned, tips for success, best practices and case studies from organizations that have handled change well. (2010.)

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