Monday, June 11, 2012

A good article about physician "re-entry" into the clinical workplace

I often remind physicians that it can be very difficult to re-enter the clinical workplace once they make a full-time transition into the business world. This is one reason why some physicians choose to work part-time in a clinical setting even after they have made a non-clinical career transition.

Don't miss this article titled, "Doctors returning to practice face challenges" published in the Cleveland Jewish News. Dr. Bob Elson returned to medicine after stepping away from his family practice nearly 20 years ago.

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  1. Re-entry is a nightmare for physicians who want to practice again, but what about docs in industry, government, management, etc. who are required to maintain a license even though they do not see patients and have no intent on practicing. Suppose these docs move to another state? They won't qualify for a license if they have not been in practice recently. There is no organization addresing this problem, and there appears to be no good solution because re-entry programs only address doctors intent on practicing.