Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Five Ways to Leverage Your Existing Knowledge to Add More Revenue to Your Practice

Author: Mike Woo-Ming, MD, MPH

Although many doctors check out Nonclinicaljobs.com seeking new employment, one of the most satisfying ways to gain additional revenue is to develop paid content based upon your existing knowledge. You can provide value to people you could not reach traditionally through your practice by delivering valuable information via the web.

Here are five ways to start getting your content by creating paid information products:

1. Start Your Own Blog – This can be about you or as an extension of your existing practice. The ability to use social media can not only help gain you more clients, it can enhance your relationship with prospective patients. Some doctors, for various reasons, choose to be anonymous, but bear in mind it will limit your growth and revenue potential.

2. Write Your Own Book – The advent of the Kindle and the Nook make self-publishing easier than ever. Even the definition of what a “book” is has changed, where even bite-sized information can be sold without the conventions of a traditional book. Physical books can be easily created using sites such as CreateSpace.com and Lulu.com, before signing on to a major publisher.

3. Developing a Newsletter – e-mail marketing companies such as I Contact and Constant Contact can create simple templates to with your patients or prospective ones. Free and paid newsletter can be developed.

4. Audio Podcasting - Don’t like to write? Create an audio podcast and get distributed using ITunes and deliver your message in front of thousands. You can set up your online radio station through sites like BlogTalkRadio.com and establish your expertise.

5. Create Audio DVDs and Video DVDs. The days of burning CDs from home are over thanks to websites like Kunaki.com where you can get your content out there out there for the cost of a Starbucks coffee.

As doctors we get paid often times by delivering the same advice again and again. Just like the jingle writer who gets paid every time his or her commercial gets played, the beauty of producing information products is to create it once, and then get paid for years to come. With the advent of simple to use websites, it is easier then ever to let your voice be heard via the internet.

About the author:

Dr. Mike Woo-Ming is a physician entrepreneur, career advisor on NonClinicalJobs.com, and mentors doctors who want to generate more revenue in and outside their practice. More information can be found at IncomeMD.com.

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