Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

MIT students and alumni use their entrepreneurship skills to found hundreds of companies each year, many using cutting-edge technologies developed in MIT labs or elsewhere.

The Martin (1958) Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship builds the entrepreneurial capacity of MIT students through education, nurturing, networking and celebration. Formerly, they were the MIT Entrepreneurship Center.

Here is some impressive history of entrepreneurship at MIT:

Beginning with the founding of Arthur D. Little, Inc. in Cambridge in 1886, MIT alumni, faculty, and students have played key roles in launching thousands of companies worldwide, ranging from small, specialized high-tech operations to corporate giants such as Genentech, Gillette, Hewlett-Packard, Teradyne, and Raytheon. Many of these companies have formed the cornerstone of new industries, including biotechnology, streamlined digital technologies, local computer networks, defense, semi-conductors, minicomputers, advanced computers, and venture capital. MIT scientists and entrepreneurs laid the groundwork for much of the current biotech industry - and biomedical advances have continued with MIT-originated developments such as the first effective new treatment for brain cancer in a generation. The MIT Technology Licensing Office (TLO) has more than 1,000 issued US patents in its portfolio, many with foreign counterparts. Each year, the TLO annually grants as many as 60-80 licensing agreements.

Learn more about the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship here.

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