Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Physicians are experiencing burn out

According to this article on American Medical News, "Eighty-seven percent of 2,069 physicians surveyed said they feel moderately or severely stressed or burned out daily."

Physicians are seeking a less hectic schedule, a better work-life balance and greater compensation. Fourteen percent have left their jobs because of stress.

Respondents cited the top causes of stress as the struggling economy (51.6%), health system reform (46.4%) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services policies (41.2%).

The research study was conducted by Physician Wellness Services and Cejka Search.

I know so many physicians who are burning out. They're running out of steam. They're drowning in stress and anxiety. They're looking for alternative employment opportunities. They're switching jobs.

Are you experiencing more stress than before? Are you considering a career change? Maybe you'll be reducing your clinical responsibilities and working part-time. If that's the choice you make, you can find plenty of other opportunities to fill the rest of your time.

Before you consider leaving clinical medicine for a non-clinical career, speak with several people about this important decision. Find other physicians who have made this type of transition. You may be risking long-term job security if you leave the bedside. You may also find yourself really missing the privilege of helping individual patients on a regular basis. It's very difficult (and in some cases, nearly impossible) to go back to clinical medicine once you've left it for several years.

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