Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Physician leaders learning about social media #ACPEfall2011

I'm in Arizona attending the 2011 ACPE Fall Institute and today, I attended a new session titled, "Social Media and mHealth Care." The room was full of physician leaders who are eager to learn about social media. How well do you understand social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.)? This new digital technology is here to stay and we're seeing a growing number of patients and health care professionals using social media. Therefore, it's important to understand the evolving trends around social media.

The speaker for this course was Ari Lightman, BS, MS, MBA, from Carnegie Mellon University. Ari is a Practice Professor, Digital Media and Marketing at the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University.  Ari teaches classes focused on assessing and measuring the impact of emerging technologies. Ari has over 15 years of experience in new technology development and commercialization.  He is the founder of Broadside Consulting, which provides consulting services to companies/organizations around collaboration, innovation and new technology development.  Earlier in his career, Ari was a member of several successful entrepreneurial high tech ventures where he was integral in raising over $60 M in venture financing, securing key partnerships and sales, and spearheading several initiatives from product management to business development.

The course objectives were:
  • Identify what forms of social media are available.
  • Evaluate which type of social networking outlet is appropriate for a given situation.
  • Learn how to protect patient privacy on social networking media.
  • Use social media to engage patients.
  • Recognize potential security risks online.
Course description:

Social networking is here to stay, and mHealth care (“mobile” health care) is the wave of the future. To stay current, attract patients and be effective, physicians must embrace this new technology and help their organizations recognize the importance of social networking. In order to do this while still maintaining patient privacy, avoiding misinformation and fraud, physicians must be equipped with the best possible knowledge. Ideally, this will result in a healthier, more engaged population where health care costs are reduced and patient confidence soars.

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