Friday, October 14, 2011

R&D opportunities with AstraZeneca

Every day, AstraZeneca takes on scientific challenges that can seem insurmountable. But working together, our 62,000 people constitute one of the most formidable research and development communities ever created. And with that kind of team behind you, just think what's possible.

The following specialists are needed to enhance our team. Bringing both fresh thinking and deep experience, you'll help us work towards a shared future of better public health.

Senior Medical Director -- Anti-infectives Patient Safety
Wilmington, DE; Requisition #: 602372
You'll ensure that all safety surveillance activities are conducted to the highest ethical and safety standards, in compliance with GCP and regulatory requirements. You'll help set the strategic direction for patient safety surveillance and make vital decisions on product safety profiles.

Director/Assistant Director -- Health Economics & Outcomes
Wilmington, DE; Requisition #:601574
Focused on maximizing the commercial success of products throughout their lifecycle, you will design and implement innovative research activities and produce scientific evidence to optimize price and value propositions. In-depth, specialist knowledge of health economics and outcomes research and its application to pharmaceutical development is essential.

Principal Scientist -- Epidemiology (Psychiatry/Neuroscience)
Wilmington, DE; Requisition #: 601960
In this high-level, strategic role, you will develop, coordinate and execute cutting-edge epidemiology strategies for drug projects at a global level. Your deep knowledge of epidemiological issues will ensure scientific quality and sound ethical standards, along with cost-efficiency.

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